Pastel Maze Release!

Pastel Maze is a simple maze game to be able to be idle willingly.

Tilt the body and carry a ball to a goal.

It's the simple game which can play by a short time, so it can be used for the time pass.



Wavefront Object Model Viewer (WOMViewer) Release!

Wavefront Object Model Viewer (WOMViewer) is a model viewer that can display the modeling data of the Wavefront obj form that can be treated with a lot of 3D modeling software on iPhone and iPod touch.
The import of the model file is done by using the http protocol. Please arrange the Wavefront obj file in an arbitrary Web server.
*Be sure to make the shape of the face a triangle.
*Data without textures isn't normally indicated.

Goblin on iPhone from FFXI

The goblin of FFXI was displayed with iPhone.

Data building: FFXI,FFXImodelviewer, Metasequoia

Method of acquiring language setting with iPhoneSDK

Memo of method acquired by setting of language of main body in iPhoneSDK.
The array of the language setting that can be selected by "NSLocale preferredLanguages" is acquired.
The language set now is at the head of the acquired array.
// Get Language Array
NSArray *languages = [NSLocale preferredLanguages];
// get First Language
NSString *currentLanguage = [languages objectAtIndex:0];
// Acquired character strings are compared
if([currentLanguage compare:@"ja"] == NSOrderedSame) {
// japanese
} else {
// other language